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Custom Phone made Stand by 3DINVO


Are you tired of not being able to see your phone at you desk or table?

- 3d printed to order.
- Offer your name customization
- 46 colors available
- Great for the Office, your Home or Camper.
- You can run the charger cable up through the bottom.
- Strong honeycomb construction made of PLA Plastic.
- Our product is fully made of fully recyclable material.


Custom Phone Stand for Home, Camping or at Work. If you have a meeting or just want to talk on the phone or play music. You can see your phone screen while your charge. Ever spilled a drink on the table well this helps to prevent your phone from getting wet.

Custom Phone Stand by 3DINVO

  • The Limited Warranty is 1 year for our product. If the item is fully intaked we will accept the return or exchange. If the item is damaged by ware or an accident we can not accept the return. We can print you a new one at a reduced rate.

  • Phone Stand is made of PLA Plastic. Should not be left is direct sunlight or high heated areas.

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